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A good defensive player knows the maps well and camps not for killing enemies but keeps the opposing team pinned down somewhere. There is a chance that you'll be able to do enough damage to kill a player, if you skirmish with he/she, but it is paramount to defeat the player in most situations that is going to support that guy, and the rest of his team member back up to full health and safety skin . overwatch top 500 boost Firstly you aren't firing your weapon, or using your ability, to hit a specific player or hero, but rather to deny a certain area or damage those who do not respect the incoming spam. Players geared well are suggested to choose output talents to speed up boosting, which are proved faster than healing talents and defensive talents. Players will get less Experience from quests in Legion compared with previous patch, so it will take more time to boost. Wallhacks will let you see any character on the map through any kind of wall or obstacle

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